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What is reality marketing? It's a very simple concept. We don't chase shiny objects and we implement fact-based marketing. In other words - no blue sky - just reality.

Isn't that simple? We're surprised that everyone doesn't do this. Lucky for us that they don't.

We have successfully applied the principles of reality marketing across many industries, in multiple countries, in retail, manufacturing, member groups and corporations. In essence, it is a common sense approach that reduces costs, increases sales and improves profitability.

What will reality marketing do for you? Typically, we can improve your customer response rates, fine tune your plans and generate additional sales. We also help retain customers and employees while making everyone happier! Of course each of our client's has different needs, so your plan will be fully customized.

When we first used the term "reality marketing" many people thought we were offering marketing services for reality TV programs.

What a surprise. Frankly, that definition of reality marketing had not occurred to us. Thankfully, we tested this term with 3,000+ Twitter followers before we launched! Based on our test results, we now explain the concept a bit differently.

Isn't research-based marketing wonderful? Information is power. But research is only part of reality marketing.

In addition to using statistical information, reality marketing also utilizes real world information. We do not automatically follow the latest trends or fads, nor do we chase after shiny objects. Instead, we focus on what works in the real world. We do what works! It's a simple concept that pays great dividends.

While reality marketing is a simple premise, implementing reality marketing is a bit more complex. Drop us an email and we can discuss how it applies to your industry and your products or services.

Reality Marketing: It's Not What You Think.

Reality marketing is not about reality TV. It's also not about what we think, or even what our clients think. While we rely on our marketing and technical expertise to develop campaigns, we truly focus on what the prospective buyers or customers think, how they act and what motivates them to buy - and buy again - until they become a life-long customer. We also work with the sales force, internal marketing departments, engineering groups, product managers and a host of other "internal" departments to properly develop plans and campaigns - as well as to gain consensus and "buy-in". After all, we consider all employees to be part of our market as well.

While this "market focus" concept has proven to be successful for centuries, it is rarely practiced in reality. Instead, companies often proceed with "what they've always done" which may or may not work.

At AMSI, we understand how to manipulate the "4 Ps" of marketing to satisfy your customer's true needs. From research and discovery processes to implementing the proper messages at the proper times, we're seasoned marketers who love to share our wealth of experiences with others.

Of course, we'll never understand your products and services as well as you do. In fact, we don't intend to. It is the working partnership between marketing experts and product experts that forms the winning team. Drop us an email and we can explain this in more detail.

Reality Marketing: Cutting Through The Hype.

Ad agencies and branding firms love to promote their creative approach and hype various media - without beginning to understand what your customer truly wants or needs. Indeed, some creative directors will pitch anything that will look good in their portfolio - regardless of whether it is effective or not!

We know this because we've all worked for, managed and owned advertising agencies and we understand how they truly function. While some are better than others, their focus is not on marketing. Instead, it is focused on tactical outcomes - which is the last place anyone should start a marketing campaign!

At AMSI, we are very different. For example, when we think of "creative" we think of it in terms of "how much will this sell for the client?' versus how "cool' it is, or how much it will sell for the agency!.

On the tactical side, we fully explain the impact of various media or promotional tools using financial terms, not smoke and mirrors. Indeed, we may suggest that you reduce or eliminate spending in some areas, as we can demonstrate they are not as effective as alternatives.

And, we're often the first to point out that "shiny objects" such as social media are fine for some, but not for all - and they are not a panacea. In other words, we believe that the tools must fit the tasks and must generate the desired results. And we do that based on third party research - not our opinions.

These stark facts, based on decades of research and tracking are not for the faint of heart. But, they are real statistics from the real world - not some "blue sky story" told by the direct mail sales guys or social media gurus.

Overall, we focus on what will work in reality - not "really cool creative stuff.".

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But, the ball is in your court. Email us - spend 10 minutes and see if we have a good fit with your organization.

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