Research. What You Don't Know Will Hurt You!

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Anderson Marketing Services, Inc. (AMSI) was founded in 1986 as a marketing consulting firm focused on marketing research, planning and program or process implementation.  Through the years, our clients have included banks, manufacturers, service organizations, membership organizations, universities, software developers and many other types of companies and organizations.  We have worked for some of the largest petroleum companies in the world as well as for very small companies and organizations.

AMSI was founded on the concept of using a network of experts or outsourced marketing-related services in a variety of fields to provide high-quality services at extremely competitive costs.  Today, the company has strong contractual relationships with or partial ownership of a variety of qualified marketing resources including industrial product designers, focus group facilities, trainers, graphic designers, call centers and related production companies.

The need to know

In today’s dynamic marketplace, keeping one’s corporate finger on the pulse of customers and employees is paramount to achieving success.

Surveying is a practical, efficient method of gathering the information you need to help your company become more successful. Thanks to new technologies, the collection and processing of this information have become simpler, resulting in faster survey completion at a lower cost.

Surveys have many purposes. For example, they are a standard component for implementing the Deming Management Method, ISO certification and application for the Malcom Baldrige award.

They also are frequently used to:

  • Measure customer satisfaction and act on the resulting information to solidify existing relationships and “repair” problem areas.
  • Identify and penetrate new, profitable markets
  • Test new product or service offerings, before expensive marketing roll-outs
  • Learn about employee attitudes and uncover the barriers that must be overcome to achieve success as a team
  • Gather information to make informed decisions for long-range strategic planning

AMSI will help you harness the power of primary and/or secondary research, using an appropriate mix of the following techniques.

Focus Groups, Panels and Intercepts

For an in-depth look at consumer opinions regarding packaging design or a detailed discussion among industry leaders regarding delivery of hospital services, AMSI facilitates and analyzes focus groups for companies across the U.S. This type of qualitative research is often accompanied by more quantitative research, such as surveying. AMSI has strong relationships with focus group, group paneling and mall intercept facilities across the United States to help reach your information gathering goals.

Web, Paper or Personal Surveying

AMSI also conducts primary research via surveys. We use telephone surveys; the Internet, mail surveys, and mall intercepts and other tools to gain the information you need to grow your product or company.

We can help you collect data via the web, mail, telephone or intranet. In short, we have all the survey tools you’ll ever need. Plus, we have automated tabulation services to increase the speed and accuracy of the process – all while reducing your costs.

Case Studies

By developing industry studies, state of the industry reports or case histories, companies can benchmark their performance or gain insight into competitive activities. AMSI produces case studies using both primary research tactics in the field and secondary research tactics at home.

In addition to customer, affinity group and employee surveys, AMSI conducts extensive market reserach.

While each of our reserach initiatives is unique, we typically measure:

  • Reputation in the market
  • Mystery shopping
  • Product testing
  • Service evaluations
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market share
  • Market potential
  • Share of wallet
  • Market trends
  • Profit potential
  • Product specifics
  • and much more.

Secondary Research

There are literally billions of facts available to us today. However, finding the right facts at the right time and from the right source is a difficult task. But, not for AMSI. We have industry resources all over the world and have conducted secondary research campaigns for new product development, to gauge market acceptance and to track consumer preferences.